Stop Extortion: How to Modify Extortionist’s Behavior

How can YOU make the extortionist want to stop extortion and the harm that the extortionist is inflicting on you?


If you want to reduce frequency and severity of a behavior, saying “no” may not be the most effective way to get the needed results. Instead, you may want to use an approach that makes it more expensive for the extortionist to obtain the reward. For the extortionist, the reward is the money and anything else it hopes to squeeze out of you.

This approach, which is based on behaviorism, is more likely to produce the desired results, especially, if you also create an environment that is more difficult for the extortionist to ignore, than is simply stating why the extortionist should stop its actions.

For example, you can make the results more difficult and costly to obtain, to the point where the extortionist loses the appetite for the perceived reward. At that point it is likely, that the extortionist ceases to chase you, especially, if it has other potential victims already lined up, who may be easier to work with than you are.

In some cases that may be enough. In other cases, you may have to make sure, that the extortion case is closed for good and that the extortionist will not come back in the future with the same or even more exorbitant demands.

In the latter case, you may have to negotiate with the extortionist. In order to make the negotiations effective enough, you will have to make sure that you have created an environment, where the extortionist has more to lose by not settling the case than you do. This may require you to create conditions that apply sufficient pressure to the extortionist both personally and professionally.

Nothing Illegal

I am advocating usage of only legal means. To put it differently, I am advocating not using any means that are illegal. However, within this framework, we can put together and combine different means creatively.

Legality is a very important point. If we use illegal means, we will give the extortionist ammunition, so that the extortionist can use laws and legal forces against us. We don’t want to give the extortionist anything that it can use against us. Instead, we want to reduce any arsenal and limit any means that the extortionist can use.

Different Types of Expenses

When it comes to making it more expensive for the extortionist to obtain the reward, we have to take into consideration both direct costs, indirect costs, and professional and personal costs. All of these in different types of expenses in combinations can add up to the needed pressure that helps to end extortion.


Anti-Extortion Case 2 and Anti-Extortion Case 1 provide relevant examples here.

Anti-Extortion Case 2 is smaller and easier to handle. I asked legitimate questions and requested case related information from the company that is making monetary demands (Getty Images, Inc.). By doing so, I also pointed out why I believe that the monetary demands, accompanied by threats, may add up to extortion in this case.

I also informed this company not to contact me via mail, email, phone or in any other way until they provide verifiable proof as requested. If they do contact me without providing the requested verifiable proof, I will consider such instances of contact acts of harassment. In that case, I reserve the right to legal action and to holding the company liable for any damages caused.

Further, I informed Getty Images that the only reason why I am communicating with them at all is to evaluate evidence that indicates that the company may be engaging in extortion.

It would be rather difficult for the company representatives to come up with answers that justify their continuation of demanding money from me. If they will demand money from me without providing the needed information and justification, I have bases for legal action against that company.

Anti-Extortion Case 1 is bigger and much more difficult to handle. The people involved here, who work for the U.S. Department of Education and their business partners from FMS Investment Corp., handle significant amounts of information and highly important situations on daily bases. My case can simply disappear on their radar screen.

Most likely I must create very intense pressure on a large scale, and probably for a prolonged period of time, before I can expect to achieve the needed results.

Further, I intend to request payments for my expenses from the people who demand money from me. That is also a type of expense that enters the picture.

The significant monetary demands that are made without proper justification, and are accompanied by threats, put me in a forced labor situation. I would prefer to spend time on learning material that is related to my career advancement. Instead, I must spend my time and efforts on building up and Stop Extortion, Inc. Doing so can lead to finding other people with whom to initiate a class action lawsuit against the offending institutions and individuals.

If I do not work on this case and will simply surrender to the demands made of me, I will experience serious financial harm and will be destined to conditions that are in essence similar to involuntary servitude for many years to come.

However, I am also keeping track of the hours and other expenses that I am forced to spend on this case. I intend to demand payment for this from the offending parties, just like the offending parties are demanding payments from me. Quite possibly this case will have to be settled through the legal system.

Within less than a year from now the total amount that I request from the offending parties will exceed the amount that the offending parties are demanding from me. However, I have reasons to believe that my request for payment is more valid than is the offending party’s demand for money.

I will put up additional information on this topic on this website as well.

Our Combined Actions Can Achieve More

I can certainly make it very expensive for the extortionists to deal with me. However, in order to make a real impact on an extortionist’s business operations, people who are being targeted by extortionist demands, and people who care about reducing extortion, should act together, in a coordinated manner.

Perhaps somebody is demanding money from you that you should not pay, and so that the demands are accompanied by threats. Your case may be similar, or it may be very different from these anti-extortion cases that have been described on this website so far.

Either way, please become this website member and get in touch with me. Once you become the website member, click on a link that leads to my page, then click on Send a Message link in the left-hand column.

Together we can find information about and analyze the extortionist’s business model and business operations. That will help to find ideas and ways how we can make it prohibitively expensive for the extortionist to deal with you.

Sharing ideas and working together can help both of us.

Thomas Eklund

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