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Stop Extortion: Original Documents, Questions and Class Action Lawsuit

Are you being asked to pay more for your student loans than you should be paying?

As part of handling Anti-Extortion Case 1, I am looking for people who have to pay, or have had to pay in the past extra amounts of money for their student loans, as is described below.

Defaulted student loans are a multi…


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Stop Extortion: Invoice the Extortionist

If you are in a situation where you are forced to spend resources, including your time, efforts and money, on defending yourself against an extortionist, you may want to keep track of these resources, including the time spent, and then invoice the extortionist accordingly.

Extortionist, who demands money without proper justification and makes threats, may add extra amounts to the money it demands from you. Both…


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Stop Extortion: How to Modify Extortionist’s Behavior

How can YOU make the extortionist want to stop extortion and the harm that the extortionist is inflicting on you?


If you want to reduce frequency and severity of a behavior, saying “no” may not be the most effective way to get the needed results. Instead, you may want to use an approach that makes it more expensive for the extortionist to obtain the reward. For the extortionist, the reward is the money and anything…


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If it looks unjust, that’s because it is

Let’s say that you apply for a home loan, or some other type of loan. For whatever reason, you are turned down. Years later, the lender contacts you, telling you that you have to pay the amount that you applied for, with substantial interest and collection cost. How would you feel? Like a victim of a scam artist, perhaps?

This might be a bad joke, except that in this case it’s all too real. This is how…


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