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Is It Acceptable that the Department of Education Operates Like Organized Crime – Mafia?

Below is an open letter to the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Dear reader, I am asking you now the same question that I am asking Attorney General in this letter: based on how the Department of Education uses extortion, document fabrication, bullying and harassment, do you agree that the closest analogy is organized crime – mafia?

Do you personally find such operating practices acceptable?



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(Some of) Department of Education's Systemic Problems

The open letter below lists some of the problems that the Department of Education as a system has. If we look at the Department of Education as a system that is supposed to benefit traditional students, adult learners and employers, we will most likely find many more problem areas. The systemic problems listed below are specific to one case. However, the problems listed here may very well be relevant to many people. We don't know how many people over the years have paid to the…


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What is OGIS Mission Under Alina Semo Management?

Office of Government Information Services, or OGIS, is supposed to be Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ombudsman. I contacted OGIS with a request for assistance with Department of Education FOIA process. I received a response from OGIS current director Alina Semo.

Based on the actual case addressed here, it's hard to say, whether the current OGIS director is very poorly informed about how the Department of Education and its business partners actually…


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