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I am interested in battling extortion for personal reasons and out of necessity: I want to find and evaluate ways that help me to deal with extortionists.

However, the reason for founding this website is much broader: I believe, that it is a human and civil right to be free of extortion. Accordingly, this website focuses on helping to defend anti-extortion related human and civil rights secured by law, on supporting anti-extortion causes, and on helping to further individual anti-extortion cases by employing variety of lawful means.

In this spirit, I am genuinely happy for every extortion victim who finds an effective solution to his or her situation. If this website can provide help in the process, that’s even better.

By nature I am an entrepreneurial person, who tries to turn problems into opportunities. Professionally I am a database application developer, business analyst and project manager. My IT work related site, contains more information on my professional background.

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Open Letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch – Is Involuntary Servitude Usage a Private Matter Handled by State Courts?

Did you know that involuntary servitude is considered a “private matter” by our legal system? I didn’t, but the U.S. Department of Justice says so. We can learn something new every day.Involuntary servitude is pretty nasty stuff. It is especially appalling, when a government institution, such as the Department of Education, knowingly and purposely uses it in order to achieve its objectives.Would the Department of…See More
Feb 25, 2016
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

Immediate Credit Recovery, Inc. Sending Out Other People’s Private Information

I requested student loan debt validation from Immediate Credit Recovery, Inc., one of Department of Education’s business partners. In response I did not receive any of the requested documents, but I did receive other people’s private information together with partial copies of my financial aid applications. The interesting aspect of it is, that in 4 years the Department of Education has not been able to furnish any credible evidence that would show that their monetary demands are valid. Thus,…See More
Jan 22, 2016
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

Department of Education Debt Validation Request Letter Example

Here we go again – my non-existent student loans were assigned to another collection agency. Of course, there are no bank loans and nobody is collecting any money. There is no money to be made from non-existent loans, people!I graduated from college in 1996. The Department of Education established its records in 2008, showing that I have a large number of outstanding student loans. I received a collection letter in December of 2011, and have been requesting debt validation since then.…See More
Jan 1, 2016
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

Open Letter Environment “What Would You Do” for Presidential Candidates: 5 Fair Questions for Senator Bernie Sanders

Student loan debt crisis is a multi-trillion dollar problem that affects people in all the age groups, and both individual companies and organizations and the entire economy. The debt is also a manifestation of increasing cost and decreasing value of higher education that has been provided to traditional students, adult learners and employers who hire college graduates. If the value of higher education provided would have increased at a faster pace than the cost has, we would not have the…See More
Dec 9, 2015
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

Open Letter to Honorable Thomas Perez, U.S. Secretary of Labor – Please Help to Stop Usage of Involuntary Servitude

It makes sense to me to turn my personal struggle with the U.S. Department of Education into something that can help to create value. I do so first and foremost as a software developer, working on long-term project that can benefit traditional students, adult learners and employers. This software development project is something that interests me. Of course, I have much less time available to me for working on this project, because I also must keep working on the U.S. Department of Education…See More
Nov 10, 2015
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

License Compliance Services, Also Known as PicScout Inc. – a Suspected Extortionist

Information on License Compliance Services, PicScout and Getty ImagesJanuary 12, 2017. I will add some additional information here about this article’s content.Some people have asked me, how do I know that License Compliance Services was not a registered company, that License Compliance Services is part of PicScout and that Getty Images owns PicScout.You can do a search for the following terms:picscout getty imagesThis brings up relevant information. Initially, PicScout had information about…See More
Oct 14, 2015
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

What is Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Mission?

What is Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s mission? Is it to protect consumers? If so, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should take a stand against usage of unvalidated monetary demands by different types of trolls, copyrights abusers and other similar entities. Of course, this should also apply to unvalidated monetary demands made by the Department of Education. That is, the mission should not change when another government institution is involved that is making unvalidated monetary…See More
Oct 3, 2015
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

Open Letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – Do We Want to Operate so that the Law Is Anything that the Department of Education Writes on a Piece of Paper?

At work, my coworkers sometimes ask each other trivia questions. Another day one of them asked, who said the following: “The law is anything I write on a piece of paper.”It turned out that it was Saddam Hussein.This reminds me my experiences with the U.S. Department of Education. Of course, the U.S. Department of Education and Saddam Hussein’s government are two very different institutions. Yet, unfortunately, regarding the above statement, certain parallels exist.In my case, in order to give…See More
Sep 3, 2015
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

Follow-Up Open Letter to the Default Resolution Group – If You Continue to Operate the Same Way, Why Do You Expect Different Results?

Let’s say that you consider borrowing some money and fill in an application with a financial institution. For whatever reason the application is denied.Some time later, the financial institution asks you to start making payments on the loan.What loan, you ask. The loan was denied, you say, and point out that the demands are unfounded.Instead of a sensible reaction, the demands continue, and are even accompanied with threats.What do you do? How do you respond?Perhaps you think that this cannot…See More
Aug 2, 2015
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

Open Letter to the Default Resolution Group – Is the Current Department of Education Capable of Handling Disputes in an Unbiased Manner?

Does the U.S. Department of Education have the capability to handle student loan related disputes in an impartial manner? Based on my experience I have to say that I do not think so. The reasons, and the problems, are rooted in the ways the current Department of Education is being run. A student loan dispute is prejudged and categorized, and then the current or former student is pushed along the predetermined pathways. The process contains very little, if any, objectivity. This process can be…See More
Jul 3, 2015
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

Open Letter to Honorable Loretta Lynch, Attorney General – Please Help to Stop Usage of Involuntary Servitude

When you explain to an addict, why his or her addiction related behavior is inappropriate, it is likely that the addict will not listen to you. Addict doesn’t listen to reason, especially when addiction related areas are involved. Addict follows whatever the addiction related needs dictate to him or her.Outside intervention is often needed in order to modify addiction related behaviors.The same seems to apply to the U.S. Department of Education handling student loan related debt validation.…See More
Jun 5, 2015
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

How the Department of Education Validates Debt

If you request debt validation in writing from the U.S. Department of Education, you may be in for all sorts of surprises. First, you may have to send lots of request letters before you get any meaningful response. If that’s not surprising, how about this one: the U.S. Department of Education may use the debt validation request letters that you have sent to them as support material that provides evidence that you owe money. Sounds strange? Well, that’s just one of the things that they can do –…See More
May 9, 2015
Thomas Eklund posted a blog post

04/05/15 Response to Experian North America

On 03/16/15 I sent a letter to Experian North America. This letter is also published on this website. I received a response from Mr. Kam Naidoo, Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate, Consumer Affairs Special Services, Experian North America. Below is my response to Mr. Naidoo.Dear Mr. Naidoo,Thank you for your letter dated March 27, 2015, that you sent in response to my…See More
Apr 9, 2015

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Thomas Eklund's Blog

How the Department of Education Creates Documents by Mixing and Matching PDF Files

Posted on November 13, 2018 at 7:42pm 0 Comments

Below is a copy of another letter and FOIA request sent to Department of Education FOIA Service Center. This letter describes how the Department of Education employees create documents from PDF files without existence of the original documents. In the process the Department of Education employees mix PDF files that could belong to anybody and do not contain any person's identifying information, together with PDF files that do contain identifying information.…


Is It Acceptable that the Department of Education Operates Like Organized Crime – Mafia?

Posted on March 16, 2018 at 1:00pm 0 Comments

Below is an open letter to the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Dear reader, I am asking you now the same question that I am asking Attorney General in this letter: based on how the Department of Education uses extortion, document fabrication, bullying and harassment, do you agree that the closest analogy is organized crime – mafia?

Do you personally find such operating practices acceptable?



(Some of) Department of Education's Systemic Problems

Posted on March 11, 2018 at 3:54pm 0 Comments

The open letter below lists some of the problems that the Department of Education as a system has. If we look at the Department of Education as a system that is supposed to benefit traditional students, adult learners and employers, we will most likely find many more problem areas. The systemic problems listed below are specific to one case. However, the problems listed here may very well be relevant to many people. We don't know how many people over the years have paid to the…


What is OGIS Mission Under Alina Semo Management?

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 7:30pm 0 Comments

Office of Government Information Services, or OGIS, is supposed to be Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ombudsman. I contacted OGIS with a request for assistance with Department of Education FOIA process. I received a response from OGIS current director Alina Semo.

Based on the actual case addressed here, it's hard to say, whether the current OGIS director is very poorly informed about how the Department of Education and its business partners actually…



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