Public Investigation of Extortionist Suspects: The Basics

The Public Investigation of Extortionist Suspects (“investigation”) is a social network participation based process that focuses on putting together informative-educational content that is related to individual anti-extortion cases.

Participating website members can both describe their experiences and provide Extortionist Suspects related information and news that can be gathered from different sources.

Who Are the Investigation Subjects?

Extortionist Suspects, that is, the investigation subjects (or targets) are these individuals, whose decisions and actions, based on the available information, have created an environment where force or threats are used for taking something that belongs to other people, without apparent sufficient legal right to do so.


The objectives of the investigations are to gather information from various sources, to get the Extortionist Suspects attention, and to send messages to individual Extortionist Suspects.

Investigation subjects may have been accused of extortion before. Perhaps a subject has grown indifferent to such accusations, or simply does not consider the topic to be worthy of his or her attention. That’s wrong. Extortion is an important issue that can cause serious harm to people.

Another objective is to gather data, so that we can put together a profile of an extortionist and evaluate, whether or not there are important similarities between people who use extortion for getting results.

Who Opens Investigations?

Investigations are opened based on individual anti-extortion cases. The person or a group of people, who opened and manage an anti-extortion case, can open and should manage the relevant investigation as well.

Gathering Information and Interviewing People

Website members can describe their own and other people’s experiences, blog about case related topics, gather information from variety of sources, and also interview people who know, or used to know, specific Extortionist Suspects.

The investigation, information and news gathering and reporting processes should not target the Extortionist Suspect’s family members, relatives, neighbors, friends and co-workers. However, if one or more Extortionist Suspect’s family members, relatives, neighbors, friends or current or previous co-workers grant an interview, or are involved in a blog post or a news story that we report, we can certainly mention the relevant persons as well.

Similarly, we most definitely cannot harass anybody, including the Extortionist Suspects, or their family members, relatives, neighbors, friends or co-workers, or any other individuals. For example, if an Extortionist Suspect, or his or her family member, relative, neighbor, friend or co-worker declines an interview request, the website member who approached the individual must honor that person’s action, and should not repeatedly contact the same person with an interview request, no matter how important the relevant information may seem.

Being Objective

While individual participants can vent their frustration, the more objective we can keep a specific investigation process, the more value it can generate. If the majority of the participants vote indicating that in their opinion the suspect is indeed using extortion in a particular case, then the more objective is the relevant information, the more reason there is for the Extortionist Suspect to take the participants opinions seriously.

How Are the Results Determined?

Investigation results are determined based on voting. Every time when a website member contributes relevant information, the member can vote on whether or not a specific Extortionist Suspects is using extortion. An individual anti-extortion case votes are tallied up when that anti-extortion case is closed.

If the majority of votes casted indicate, that the participants believe that the investigation subject is using extortion, then that can help to motivate the Extortionist Suspect to pay more attention to this topic and to his or her actions.

Additional Information

Investigation rules are subject to further development. Additional investigation rules will be posted on this website.


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