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This page contains a growing list of resources that are related to handling predatory and fraudulent student loan payment demands.

Descriptions and analysis of the predatory nature of many of the student loans

How To Fix The Student Loan System

Jackson v. Culinary School of Washington

States that student loan contracts are not negotiable instruments, and because of that, neither repurchasers nor assignees become holders in due course. This means that for these loans that defaulted and the U.S. Department of Education has taken over the promissory notes, the U.S. Department of Education is the party that is responsible for predatory lending and fraud that is related to originating and collecting the debt, as well as other potentially fraudulent aspects of an individual student loan cases.


Information that is relevant to the Secretary of Education obligation to require eligible schools to perform functions related to facilitating student access to guaranteed loans, including certifying student eligibility to participate in the federal loan program and forwarding applications to lenders.

Informative article on promissory notes

Blog and comments on student loans that are collected without debt validation

Sallie Mae: Work with Students, Not Against Them

Challenging the student loan contract for fraud


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